Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life with Big Dog

Some kids are fascinated by dinosaurs, trains, or planets. The parents of these children usually end up learning a few new things from their kiddos. It's amazing the worlds our children open up for us. While you might be learning about the time period a pteredon lived in. I'm learning about the inner workings of the toilet tank. Aww the joys of parenthood;D

 I've also learned that I can no longer have lotions, or perfumes, or pretty much anything without it getting destroyed or consumed. ( I am going to purchase some locking cabinets as soon as possible)
 I did throw Big Dogs first pair of Cars 2 shoes away. After he gutted them by pulling out all the wiring for the light up soles I figured it was time for them to go. He won't wear any of the new shoes we bought him. He won't even wear the new Cars 2 shoes we bought him. Luckily GH thinks they are awesome. So someone will wear them eventually. Instead Big Dog wears the beat up shoes on the left. I assume this is because a sensory issue. Maybe they are more comfortable.
 I have also learned that even when you are sick, eatting sprinkles always seems like a good idea. At least to Big Dog it seems like a good idea. Hahaha

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