Monday, December 19, 2011

Grinchy Clause

Tonight we started our salt dough ornaments, drove around looking at Christmas lights, watched The Grinch and The Chipmunks Christmas. Cutie Pie is on me to do activities since I have been gone so much. She might have a future in party planning. Or maybe something in upper management - she is sort of bossy;) Anyway.......

We really enjoyed watching The Grinch. I am definitely becoming more of a Grinchy Clause in my old age. I did think the Grinch took it a bit too far when he took the ice cubes out of the Whos homes. I mean what good were ice cubes in a Christmas celebration in a land covered in snow? Now if the Whos lived in Australia.....and they might enjoy a cold beverage on a hot Christmas day that would be different.

But as you know Grinchy Clause got all soft at the end of the movie. His heart grew by three sizes. I'm not a medical professional. But, that seems like a health concern to me.

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