Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candy cane hunts and bad parenting

My moms recent health issues made it "impossible" for me to throw a big candy cane hunt (even though the weather would have been perfect) I was just a bit too stressed. So we decided to just stop by some peoples homes and hide candy canes in their yards.
photo courtesy of Kim and her FB page:)

The kiddos had a good time. We stopped by the Crow family's home. Apparently, Big Dog only wanted out of the van to go potty. But, I was oblivious. And I was dragging him all over the Crow acreage with his pants falling down. (I am a very observant person;)) Luckily, Mrs. Crow noticed  Big Dogs problem.  Mrs. Crow invited us in for hot cocoa. It was delicious. GH was being a whiny pants as usual. He thought it was too hot. It wasn't, it was perfect. But, that didn't stop him from whining for a good five minutes. Lucky for me the whining didn't end because while we drove to the Q family's home GH continued to whine. But, this time he wanted the cocoa. We don't have the best timing;D I suppose letting the kids eat candy canes for a good hour and a half didn't help attitudes.

Mrs. Crow out did herself again. We left with a bag of treats. My husband says  "Mrs. Crow can really bake."


  1. Thanks for the candy cane hunt. Glad Rick liked the cookies. :)
    Mrs. Crow

  2. He loves your baking. So do I:) Yum Yum