Friday, November 25, 2011

A proclamation of love & bravery in the face of terror.

This artwork was presented to me this morning. Big Dogs name is noticeably missing:(

 Here is a picture of the kiddos with Captain Awesome as they watched the Macy's Parade.
Our home has been invaded by ladybugs. GH saw one crawling across his napkin this morning at breakfast. He screamed at it saying, "Not in my kitchen! Go! Go! Go!" Cutie Pie said that GH was very brave to stand up to the bug;D

But, actually Big Dog was the bravest little boy ever. He is terrified of my IL's dog Sarge. And yesterday he was playing in the IL's fenced in yard. When Sarge who has full access to the entire farm ran towards the gate and barked at the kids. Big Dog ran towards the gate and stood between a little cousin and the dog. Of course the little cousin wasn't really scared. And if the fence wasn't there Big Dog probably would have ran inside. But, my little boy was so brave to stand up to Sarge;D I was so proud of him:)

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