Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy All Saints Day!

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to throw an All Saints Day Party. With help from Catholic Icing and Paper Dali I was able to throw it together rather quickly. I spent more time cleaning my house than actually preparing activities. Unfortunately I planned the party at a bad time. With such short notice only one family was able to attend. Three incredibly well behaved boys showed up to our party. Their behaviors were exactly the opposite of my boys:/

Cutie Pie wasn't home when we started the party. But, when she came home she threw open the door and said "Let's get this party started." She was pretty disappointed that the guests were headed home. But, I promised her that we would still do the games and have the snacks.

When I explained the Pin the halo on St. Michael game to GH he stood in front of the game and said "It's me" I was kind of surprised that he acknowledged his middle name/patron saint.

 We spent all afternoon outside playing different variations of Seven Deadly Sin bowling. My favorite version included riding bikes into the bowling pins.

The bowling game is pretty cute. Each pin had a deadly sin written on it. The bowling balls had the word Grace written on them. You knock the pins/sins over with the ball/grace. Well I thought it was pretty cute idea. I also loved putting the pins up in different formations. Big Dog was a great assistant.

 Cutie Pie and our guests really liked the ring toss. I printed the pictures of saints off at Paper Dali.

Catholic Icing provided the saintly snack labels. I should have taken a picture before we ate:)


  1. Looks like fun, sorry we slept through it!

  2. Thats ok. I didnt have the party at the best time.