Sunday, October 23, 2011

random stuff about each kiddo

Big Dog has been talking more. This fills my heart with delight. But, when he says stuff like "Go away"  "Don't touch me" or "Let me go" I get a little sad. But, then I remember to be grateful that he is speaking:)

Big Dog has a new favorite cereal. He use to like plain old Life cereal. Now he likes a mixture of 1/2 Corn Pops and 1/2 Chocolate Cheerios.

Cutie Pie is a bit jealous that I am framing so many of Big Dogs artworks. It's not that I just want Big Dogs stuff up. (His artwork does speak to me because it's so different) It's just that so much of Cutie Pies good stuff is already hanging in the rooms upstairs and I need large frames for them. To Cutie Pie my excuses are not good enough.

Cutie Pie had another sleepover this weekend. They had a good time. But, Cutie Pie was tired.

Cutie Pie thinks GH's feather collection should be put into her collection.

GH is still insisting on bandages over his thumb. It was injured several days ago when Cutie Pie and him were playing coo coo clock. This is a game where GH is the coo coo bird in a huge coo coo clock (bedroom door). The door gets swung open and GH makes a coo coo sound. I guess Cutie Pie must have slammed the door on his thumb. Poor kid.

GH LOVES candy corn. He wants it all the time.

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