Thursday, October 6, 2011

My lame attempt at a blog post

I took some fairly cute pictures of the boys playing in the leaves. When I get a new USB cord thingy I will try to download the pictures again. The boys aren't great at making piles of leaves. Most of the pictures are of the boys taking leaves away from the pile. GH is the worst (or maybe the best at taking leaves away from the pile).
Big Dog might not pose for cute photos in the leaves anymore (After all, he is five years old. Laying in leaves or throwing them in the air is sooooo immature). But, he will threaten to throw my piles of coupons in the air. I was sorting several hundred coupons when he came to the table and asked to throw them in the air. I almost had a heart attack. Not just because he doesn't talk much. But, also because I was terrified of resorting;D


Cutie Pie and GH are obsessed with Wild Kratts. They run around the house screaming about activating their animal power suits. It's actually kind of cute.

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