Monday, October 10, 2011

Computer issues

Our computer decided to quit over the weekend. While we wait for it to get worked on, we picked up a new netbook. It is a little bit more difficult to work on. But, it will be handy to have an extra computer. You know since we have computer issues all the time;D Anyway, this little gadget doesn't have a lot of memory. So I'm waiting to download pictures until we have our old computer working again. In the meantime you can read my ramblings.


*I am very excited that Pop Up Videos is back on the tv. But, it's not a show I can watch around the kiddos. Of course, that probably means I shouldn't be watching it either:/

*GH was playing Wild Kratts with Cutie Pie when I heard him say "Activate Mickey Mouse powers." I heard Cutie Pie do the same thing. So I had to go see what they were doing. Do  you know what Mickey Mouse powers are? Ridiculous dancing of course;D

* The kiddos have been spending lots of time playing in the leaves. Big Dog LOVES it. He wanted to continue the fun inside. I had coupons laying across a table when Big Dog came over. He put his hands under a few coupons that were near the edge of the table and lifted them slightly and said, "Toss in air?" I said no of course....I ruin everyones fun. It's sort of my thing;D

* Big Dog has declared his love for ketchup at dinner tonight. His heartfelt declaration of love was made with the simple statement of "I love ketchup." I understand I also have the same feelings about chips.


  1. There have been a lot of Wild Kratts at my house too. We just have plain old animal powers though. Nobody here is creative enough to activate the dancing powers of Mickey! The boys report there will be new episodes next week- oh the joy! ;)

  2. New episodes? Hooray!