Monday, September 12, 2011

Questions about nature stuff

Cutie Pie brought me this feather and asked what kind of bird it came from. Anyone know?

 All summer long I have been seeding our yard. Yet we continued to have huge patches with no grass. Honestly, I'd be happy with weeds. But, no such luck. I suspect it's because our children are always outside tearing it up;) Big Dog continues to think that dirt is a culinary delight. So someone suggested just putting down some wood chips to discourage him. Before I put the chips down I threw more seed down. Someone said it might have a better chance of growing. I can't believe it actually worked. I can see grass popping up in the front which has NEVER had grass before. Should I leave the wood chips down through the winter or rake them up after the first freeze? Any advice is appreciated.


  1. I'm going to say that probably came off some kind of hawk or owl. You can look through these if you really want to know (brown barred feathers):


  2. is the page to get'll have to pick pattern and color to get results. :)