Tuesday, September 20, 2011

preschool is hard

I can't get my photos from my camera to the computer. I know that this seems like a lame excuse to Shelia. But, I really have been trying for a few days. Since I'm obviously not tech savy. I will try my hand at story telling. I'm going to tell a story about a little boy named GH.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named GH. GH always cried when his mother dropped him off at preschool. But, one sunny Tuesday morning GH did not cry. The mom left happy, confident that her son was now mature enough to handle preschool.

The mother ran some errands. When she came back to pick up her son. He looked happy. So the mother was thrilled. Then the teacher informed the mother that GH participated for the first 20 minutes. Then he decided to hide under the table. He screamed and informed the teachers that "Preschools hard". At that moment the mother wished that she was a good actress. That she could act shocked.

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