Monday, August 22, 2011

Second Grade Drama and a bunch of other stuff

Cutie Pie came home from school today and told me that W was calling her "Barney" at lunch time. Apparently she told him several times what her name is. But, he kept calling her Barney. So Cutie Pie told him that Barney was an imaginary toy that lives on And that she lived in Wahoo. This didn't help because W. kept calling her Barney.


Today we found a blue jay feather. Cutie Pie wanted to take it to school to show to her friend H. So we put put the feather in her backpack. After baths this evening she told me that I needed to take the feather out of her bag because it was probably against the rules to bring a feather to school. I haven't read through the whole handbook for this year. So she could be right;)


Our neighbors are getting new shingles on their roof. So there were five guys working outside of our house all day. The boys really enjoyed watching them. One of the workers had bought a package of Drumstick ice cream cones. They had one extra so they brought it over for the boys to share. Isn't that sweet? The guy had originally tried to give it to Big Dog. But, Big Dog wasn't going to take something from a stranger. What a good boy:)

Tonight after Cutie Pie read a story to her brothers. I ushered the boys back to their room. Henry got really pouty and said "But Ma I'm not sleepy."

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