Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our trip to the campus of a thousand soaks

 We made a quick trip to the "Harvard of Nemaha County" as Captain Awesome calls it.
 The green house is still green......and the townies are still interesting;D Cutie Pie said that there were "lots of creepy houses." Yes, very little has changed in Peru. Now back to campus pictures......
 Delzel is still standing.Morgan looks really rough. Basement B's need to check out my photos on Facebook that I will be loading soon. You will want to cry.
 There's been a lot of improvements to the campus. But, the town is still rough. Captain Awesome finds it less than appealing. But, I find it quite endearing.

My parents met at Peru. I remember being about Cutie Pies age when I found my mothers PSC degree. My mom told me that she met my dad there and thats where they graduated from. At that moment I knew I would meet my husband there. And I did;)  This picture is taken where my parents use to sit together. Awwww

 We saw pictures of famous people. BTW--Congrats MCREN and MRS. MCREN. We are soooo happy for you:)

 I love this picture of the water tower.
 The kids can't help it. They are drawn to the's in their genes.

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