Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Fourth of July Fun

We went to the Crow family acreage;)

 The kiddos enjoyed the firecrackers. Captain Awesome enjoyed the beer. None of these things were provided by us. I felt pretty guilty. Talk about a bunch of freeloaders.
 Princess J and GH enjoyed playing with the kitty:)
 GH and Big Dog loved playing in the train. Mr. Crow put smoke bombs in the stack. How cool is that?
 Then when he  went to start the fire he needed helpers. So he asked for people who were small and who don't know any better. Cutie Pie enthusiastically spoke up saying "That's me."

The kiddos also enjoyed making smores. What a fun day:)

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  1. I like Jeremy's nickname...ooh, I just gave away his real name! ;) We have your potato salad container. I'll bring it by next time we're in town.