Saturday, July 2, 2011

the audacity

Only Shelia would have the nerve to have her Fourth of July party on Canada Day. That's the kind of in your face attitude we need to have when dealing with our neighbors to the north. They think they are all special because they have a special day too. Well we're not celebrating it here. That's right! Not here in Americaland. We are celebrating our independence all weekend long.

We are celebrating by eating way too much, hanging out in Uncle Aaron's hammock
 and by blowing a bunch of stuff up. That's what makes us Americans:)
 GH wanted to help the big kids with the bigger firecrackers. But, Aunt Crys convinced him stomping on snaps was pretty cool too.
 Big Dog didn't want to have anything to do with the firecrackers until we were getting ready to leave.
 I do have other pictures but certain people kept sneaking into the frames;D Kind of like those sneaky Canadians who keep crossing the border. Go back to Canadaland and celebrate your little day;)

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