Monday, July 11, 2011


GH was singing the following Wiggles lyrics to Sheldon today,  "You can open up your mouth and you can say agh at the doctors, at the doctors" Then he slammed the toy cow up against the aquarium and said "The cow says moo." Then he poked the cow on the stomach button so it would moo.  I'm sure Sheldon appreciated the educational concert.

Today GH followed a cat around the park. The cat humored GH and let him pet him several times. However, the cat did not appreciate the tug to his tail:( GH will learn.......eventually.

Oh I forgot to post this GH/animal quote. The other day at the zoo we had been at the bottom of the jungle exhibit and had seen the otters. Later when we were at the high part GH looked down and saw the otters again. He pointed and yelled down at them, "Hey I know you!"

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