Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lots of random stuff with the boys

Last week we went to Glenda's annual garage sale. As usual she had lots of good stuff including this guitar. GH saw it and immediately ran over to it. He picked it up, strummed it and sang "I'm the king." You know what that's all about Krimsin! Obviously I ended up buying it for him. Luckily it was only five bucks and I hadn't bought much that day:)

 We went to the ranch for Fathers Day. Grandma sent home lots of goodies including these huge lollipops that Big Dog enjoyed chomping on. He is as impatient as Mr. Owl from the Tootsie Roll commercials.
 There have been some big storms this week. The kids all tried to sleep in the same room. Between all the kids and all the stuffed animal friends I'm surprised that I got any sleep.

GH has been enjoying singing Wiggles songs, including the pirate songs....
 and songs about fruit salad.
 I took this picture of Big Dog today. He was talking to Sheldon saying "Time to eat. Eat up Sheldon. Yum Yum." He can be such a sweet boy:)
 I also started working with Big Dog on Dolche sight words. Big Dog hates flash cards. So I made them into puzzles with milk caps. He seemed to enjoy this.
 I don't know if he just doesn't like the particular sight words or its just some weird coincidence. But, he added a d to the word see and be. So then he had the words seed and bed.

I have wondered several times if he has memorized some words from books because I sometimes see him spell out a word on the refrigerator with magnets. It's probably just wishful thinking;)


  1. I think I finally found something to do with all those milk caps I've been saving! Thanks for popping by my blog with nice words!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tracy. I love your blog:)