Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fox News updates hourly

So it's not too much to expect me to update my blog daily. Or so says my SIL who is annoyed with me:D She's got a point. I've been a blog slacker. But, I have been busy.
(My pictures keep getting rejected by the server. It's so annoying to spend a half an hour downloading pictures. It should take a minute or two. But, the server eventually took the pictures.) Anyway here is our week in pictures.

One of Cutie Pies friends came over for a play date. They enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and they enjoyed throwing balloons all over the place.
I started on my MIL Mothers Day present. But, I actually completed these bathroom signs. Hooray!

The royal wedding was this week. And by golly I watched it. Cutie Pie was more interested in the prep than the actual royal wedding. Such a little Martha.

 All week I was wondering if I was the only one who had the royal wedding fever. Then this paper came home from Cutie Pies school.
This assignment is under her ability level. I think a teacher just wanted to use it;D Can't say I blame them.

Speaking of teachers this week is teacher appreciation week. So we made book labels and cupcake jars for the kids teachers. I hope they like them.

 This project took longer than I thought. Mostly because when little ones see you doing crafts they want to participate. GH gave me white tissue paper and told me to make him a treasure map.
We also made a bunch of May Day baskets aka party hats.

Earlier this week GH woke me up 4:30 am. He was wearing his Thomas the Train pj's and a pirate hat.

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