Thursday, May 5, 2011

car seat laws = violation of Cutie Pies human rights

Yesterday when Cutie Pie and I left her CCD class. Cutie Pie threw her typical fit about not being able to sit in the front seat. I reminded her that this was not my rule but the law. I told her she is too young and small to ride in the front seat. I pointed to one of her CCD classmates who was leaving and said "Look... Mara is sitting in the backseat of her car." Cutie Pie then told me that she was big enough. I told her she wasn't. Then she told me "I am a human being! I get to ride in the front seat." Then I had to inform her that yes she is a human being. But, her human rights were not being violated simply because she can't ride in the front seat.

So what do you think? Am I wrong?;D Are Cutie Pies human rights being violated by excessive car seat laws?


  1. Samuel and Thomas just found out from a friend that at 6 you can legally ride without a carseat. Luckily they don't know they have any rights beyond what mom and dad say because we're still making them use boosters! :)

  2. Hey I just found out from you:D hahahaha

  3. wow, age 6? My 9 year old is still in the booster... I guess I'm a really mean mom!