Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Sucesses

Here are this weeks successes.....

1) I got the boys to the pool a couple of times this week.

2) We started adding the fourth decade to the rosary at night. Last night GH handed out rosaries to everyone. It was really cute:)  I think adding a decade each week was a good idea. Cutie Pie is adjusting fairly well. But, the other night I heard a huge sigh of relief when I started praying the Hail Holy Queen:D Poor child. At least I'm not expecting her to say it on her own.

3) I finally got all of the stuff I needed to get Cutie Pie's new camera working. She wants her photos to go on her blog. Unfortunately I have to start her a new blog. The old account had more than one blog and its storage is full. Which is impossible because one day it had 30% of the memory used. Then all of a sudden they needed money to give me any more storage.

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  1. awesome job on the rosary! We are doing that for Lenten family acitivity.

  2. Ah, so that is why you change blogs so often!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week! I bet the rosary is sinking in more than you think - one day they'll start praying along with you! Keep up the great work mama!