Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Saint Patrick's Day Activities & Crafts

Cutie Pies rainbow treasure
 We did lots and lots of coloring....
We also made streamers. But, we didn't really use them the way they were intended.
The yard was covered in neck tie snakes for our snake banishment. Big Dog collected the most. But, he wasn't happy while he did it. He wanted to ride his scooter. But, nooooooo. His mean mom and dad had to make him pick up ties that they left all over the yard. Doesn't seem fair at all, does it?
 Big Dog and GH thought that dads necktie should be thrown in the basket too. I wish they would have. Captain Awesome looks ridiculous;D That's why I love him:D

Yesterday we made this treat. It was an all green food muffin tin snack. The apple really doesn't belong. But, GH always seems to be carrying an apple around. So it managed to get in the picture.
Cutie Pie thought it was funny that a leprechaun made the toilet water green. She did not like it when she found out that he made the milk green. She completely lost it and screamed, "I want that lephracaun out of my house right now!" Needless to say Cutie Pie didn't appreciate the jokes. She refused to drink the green milk and we had to open another gallon. She did however eat the green eggs and green shamrock pancakes.
Cutie Pie did a St. Patricks Day writing assignment.
She also sorted Lucky Charms.
Then the kiddos did a St. Patricks Day sticker matching activity.
We did an indoor snake hunt with the foam snakes from last year. GH was pumped.
We worked on on Leprechaun trap. We didn't catch a leprechaun this year:( But, Sgt. Jiri, one of the stuffed animals did get caught in the trap.
I actually made the Irish flag veggie tray this year. So woohoo for me.
We made glitter three leaf clovers.
Big Dog made shamrock at school. But, I'm adding it to this post because I like it:)
The kids followed a path of shamrocks to find a pot filled with chocolate gold coins. Cutie Pie wanted to do this again. But, we ran out of chocolate gold coins.

We also read St. Patrick's Day by Gail Gibbons. Then I had Cutie Pie do a Saint Patricks word find that I made. It's a small word find. But, just perfect for Cutie Pie.

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