Wednesday, March 23, 2011

go fly a kite

Cutie Pie has been asking to go fly kites. I knew it was going to be very windy today. So after school we went to the ball field. Captain Awesome and I were a bit nervous. Between the two of us we had one prior experience of flying a kite. So we weren't seasoned experts going into this. But, it all went well. The kiddos were so happy.

In this photo GH's kite had just fallen and he was pointing to another kite.
 The kiddos were really excited about flying kites. GH and Cutie Pie loved holding onto the strings and watching them fly. Big Dog.....well Big Dog kept trying to whack them out of the sky;D
 Captain Awesome would get the kites started. Sometimes I would help.....but, mostly I took pictures;D

It was really windy. So we were very surprised that GH was able to hold onto the kite string without letting it go.

 Cutie Pie didn't need as much help. She would run until the kite took off on it's own. 

Our dollar store kites took a beating. And eventually we had to go home.
GH was very upset when we left. He cried on the way home:(  

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