Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cutie Pie is religiously gifted. Her mother is not.

For the last few months Cutie Pie has referred to the Eucharist as daily bread. On every occasion I have corrected her. Telling her that the daily bread spoken of in the Our Father prayer is the bread/nourishment we need to keep our bodies nourished day to day. That we are basically asking God to give us what we need to survive that day. We aren't asking him for more than that. Honestly, I was starting to get annoyed with her calling the Eucharist daily bread. The Eucharist is not plain old bread. I tried to look at the positive. Maybe she was going to be a daily communicate. But I acknowledged that I would have to keep correcting her so she doesn't end up excommunicated:D

On the way to Cutie Pies swim lesson we were listening to Catholic radio. They were speaking of Pope Gregory the Greats contributions to the liturgy. And how we say the Our Father before the Eucharist. Pope Gregory said that the daily bread. Not only referred to the bread that we consume to sustain us. But, somehow (beyond my understanding) this also refers to the host/Christ's body in the Eucharist. I was all "What?!" I still don't fully grasp it. But, whatever. We can't all be religiously gifted.

But, I humbly admitted I was wrong to be so impatient and close minded to my child's observations.When I repeated what I heard to Cutie Pie and told her that she was right about the daily bread. She lifted up her arms and said "Yes!"

 Yes, you have been vindicated by Pope Gregory the Great himself. Good for you.


  1. When I told Captain Awesome about this he said "Yeah you didnt know that" Umm no....thanks;)

  2. Maybe it would help you understand if you think of the Eucharist as Bread for your soul. Jesus is giving us Himself and we need Him in order to get to Heaven. Does that make sense?

  3. Yes. I suppose. But, for some reason I took the speach that the Eucharist is not bread a little to far in my mind;)