Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Trip to the Zoo

The jungle is always Cutie Pies favorite stop. So we had to stop there first. However, we were able to go to some stuff on this visit that we hadn't seen in a while.

 But here are some jungle pictures first. There isn't a photo of this. But, I wonder if GH thinks he knows all the turtles. Maybe this is because we have a turtle. He told one of the turtles "See you later turtle, bye bye".
 The birds were going crazy in the jungle yesterday. We were lucky enough to get really close. Cutie Pie was almost hit by one of the birds who wasn't watching where he was flying.

 Big Dog did an awesome job crossing the bridge:)
 We went to see the giraffes. But, you can't climb on the real ones. So the statues are always super popular with my kiddos.

 What are you lookin' at?
 The kiddos loved feeding the fish and ducks. GH had a hard time leaving the bridge. He just stood at the end of the bridge screaming something I couldn't understand. I walked over to where he was standing and I finally figured out what he was saying. He was saying "Look down mom". I looked down and there was a half inch opening between the bridge and the walkway. And you could see the water below through the opening. I never would have noticed this unless it was pointed out to me. Once he showed me what it was, it was finally safe for him to jump over.

 We finally made it into the inside Madagascar Exhibit. GH counted out three furry animals that where on display. So I guess he has figured out number values.
 One really cool thing happened while we were at the Gorilla Complex. One of the zookeepers was taping a large covering over one of the windows. He said one of the gorillas was having a bad day. As we walked around we saw the gorilla looking at what the zookeeper was doing. And we saw the enormous crack in the thick glass. He must have been having a bad day:( There is a new baby gorilla and it is super cute. But, none of our pictures turned out well.
If you want to see Cutie Pie's photos from the zoo click here.

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