Saturday, February 5, 2011

U Ain't Nuthin' But A Groundhog

We went to Unadilla today for the groundhog festivities. 

 The boys didn't want their faces painted. But Cutie Pie was very willing. I tried to convince her into getting a groundhog face painted on. We saw a boy with an incredible groundhog "mask". She wasn't impressed. But, GH hid his face when he saw the groundhog boy. I mean who could blame him. It was a bit unusual. Anyway, Cutie Pie decided that she wanted to be a pink cat. So much for going with a theme. But, Cutie Pie took a nice photo after they got done with her face painting. So she is now on their board of face painting options.

 Then we were off to the parade. Skydivers landed in a field next to the parade site. The kids were excited to see them land and they all clapped.
 Here is Unadilla's stuffed groundhog. In case you didn't know. He's kind of a big deal:D
 But, wait there's more!
The perfect title for this blog post.

My kids also got to shake paws with groundhogs:D How exciting!


  1. We were actually quite impressed. The pictures we saw on Facebook werent that impressive. I guess its something you have to experience to appreciate:D hahaha