Monday, February 14, 2011

Something to consider

I have been admiring white square dishware for a while. I didn't mention this to my husband. I was certain that he would view this as a frivolous waste of money. But, finally I broke down and told him I wanted them for Valentines day. He said, "You want new dishes? So this is something that is important to women?" Yes dear it is. I want pretty dishes like all my friends.

Apparently, this is something that isn't important to men. He probably would have happily ate off our mismatched set for the next thirty years. He told me "The plates don't matter to me. I care about the food on the plate more." Well that's great and all. But, any meal is going to look prettier on these.

I just bought the plates and bowls. But, aren't they adorable?  I feel like a sophisticated grown up. Well as sophisticated as I'll ever be;D

 I did run into one problem though. And it's something that should be considered when purchasing square dishes. Although the label says dishwasher and microwave safe. It doesn't actually guarantee that the plate will fit in the microwave. Sure you can put it in. But, the square shape won't allow for spinning in the microwave:D hahaha. Good thing I kept a few of the kids plates.


  1. Well, for next Valentine's Day, you could ask for a bigger microwave! LOL! I love the plates, Kristi! You have good taste.

  2. Hooray! I am all growed up! A bigger microwave sounds like a good idea. Better than going back to my ugly old plates:D