Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A softer side of Big Dog

I love watching Big Dog tuck in his bears at night. He does it just like we tuck in the kiddos. (We tap them on the nose and with each word of "I love you.") So Big Dog taps each bear on the nose as he goes down the line telling each one "I love you".

The other night at dinner GH started coughing at the table. Big Dog looked over at him very concerned and said "Are you ok?" I know this isn't a big deal to most parents. But, it is to us because Big Dog doesn't talk much. His stunning good looks and aloofness will drive the girls crazy as he gets older:D Haha


  1. Thanks Lisa. Thats are livelyhood you know. We coast on our good looks.

  2. :O You are on my blog now and so am I! Crazy;)

  3. Isn't it precious? I love kids.