Thursday, February 24, 2011

Small Sucesses

This week I got a few small things done. But Danielle says small stuff counts.

1. Last night we added another decade to our rosary with the kiddos at night. They are doing pretty well considering their ages. They are a little restless. But mostly they just sit and listen. Big Dog has taken to the rosary better than the other kiddos. He happily grabs his rosary and jumps on his bed and waits for me to begin. I love that boy:) He's gonna be my prayer warrior.
2. I installed a new shower head to our shower. Big Dog was the first one to notice it. He's so observant.
3. I also did a lot of JPII crafts with my kiddos. And added them to my original celebration post on my pope blog.

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  1. Great week!! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I actually keep the breadmaker on the shelf in our closet in the master bedroom when I'm not using it. Strange, I know, but it works and I don't have to run down to the basement everytime I use it.

    I think I'll be putting the Lent calendar in our covered magnet things I have on the fridge and letting my 3year old color a square each day. Thinking about putting something small to do each day as well. Still grappling with what's age-appropriate for a (barely) 3 year old.

    Great work on the Rosary! I have a neat Rosary meditation book, with about a sentence for each Hail Mary. Sometimes we'll do a "decade" but I'll combine the sentences and we'll do about 3 Hail Mary's instead of the usual 10. Short enough to keep 3year old's attention but we still get the entire "story" for the mystery. It works, especially with a 13month old little guy thrown into the mix as well.


  2. Great job! I am so impressed with the rosary and the kids! You had asked about the noodle skeleton . . . it is this craft:

  3. Monica-Isnt it wonderful how there are so many ways we can introduce the rosary to our children? I love hearing all the different ways....Its hard to beleive that I use to think it was boring:D

    Thanks for the link Katie. Im going to check it out.

  4. Great week! Love that adding the decade part. That will be my Lenten goal. To get beyond our one decade a day and up to the entire Rosary! Thanks for the reminder