Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small Sucesses

1. I started saying a decade of the Rosary with the kiddos every night after our bedtime prayer. I plan on adding a decade each week until we can do a full Rosary each night. Big Dog had been falling asleep before we finished so I figured he wasn't getting anything out of it until I saw him grab a Rosary and recite an entire Hail Mary prayer. I was so proud of him:)

2. I have walked two miles everyday . That's not really the sucess. The sucess is that instead of listening to Britney Spears (I wish I was joking) while I do my walk, I have been praying the Rosary.

3. I took down all of our Saint Valentines Day decorations. And I hosted pre pre school this week.

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  1. Along with those Valentines day things...yep - the heart waffle maker is from Wal-mart :)

    We used to do a decade every just reminded me to start it up again!

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  3. Hopefully, my comment will make more sense this time around:D haha

    I hope there will still be some waffle makers the next time I get to the store.

    Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. Great job on the roasary. We cannot seem to get our kids to get past just one decade. You will have to let us know how it goes.

    And great job walking! It is cold out there, so that is a huge accomplishment! I would not have guessed you would like Britney!

  5. Great job on the Rosary! We are planning to start a family one during the lenten season.

  6. Katie I decided to add the decades slowly so it just grows into the routine. We'll see how tonight goes when I add the second:D

    Good Luck with your Lenten Rosary Lynn:)

  7. Great week Kristi! Great job with family prayer time. So important!

  8. Great week! It's hard to find time to exercise and hard to find time to pray (in peace, at least) so kudos for combining the two and bringing your mind, body and spirit closer to God!