Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crafts, activities, and outdoor fun

Cutie Pie helped me with this project. I've been wanting to do it for a long time. But, I kept forgetting. You get clothes wet, ring them out, then hang them outside on a hanger. It will only take a few minutes for it to freeze. Then you take the clothes out of the hanger, and move the fabric around until you can make it stable. Obviously, we couldn't have done this earlier in the week:D But, today wasn't very windy:)

Our sledding hill did get bigger ....and more slippery:)
 The boys are enjoying their snow forts. And no one threw up in them today. Hooray!
 We made these Saint Valentine (whatever they are:D) things with heart shaped paper plates that were leftover from last year, and some tissue paper.
 We made paper heart chains. Cutie Pie wanted to use red glitter on this one. So our home is now a glitter paradise.
 This large window is absolutely beautiful. But, I couldn't get a descent picture of it if my life depended on it. We've made heart snowflakes (Family Fun Magazine idea) and lots of paper hearts, and a paper chain.
 We've been doing a lot of copywork and reading. But, we did a few small activities too. GH loved working with flowers.
 And Big Dog loves making messes practicing his cutting skills.
 My Saint Valentine's day wreath kind of started falling apart. So I took off the Bible quotes.

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