Friday, January 21, 2011

Something to look forward to

This is a bad picture. But a great hairdo.

We will have to do a lot more buns and braids for a while. Keeping her hair tight against her head will be top priority now. We received a robot call from the school today. There has been an infestation of lice in our school. Both teachers and students have gotten it. I know it's easy to transfer. And I'm not passing judgement but EWWWW! I know eventually it will happen to us. I just don't want it to happen anytime soon. The message contained information about lice, links on the schools website for treatment and of course the assurance that everything is confidential. I think the superintendent felt awkward making this announcement because at the end he cheered "GOOOO WAARRIORS!" We may be lice infested but we got some school pride:D

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