Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pictures of the boys

I was helping Cutie Pie make soup on the stove. When she got down from the chair. GH quickly took over the task of stirring. He said "I do it ma." He did do well. But, I was worried the whole time.

GH has been practicing letters, numbers, shapes etc with me almost everyday. He knows his circles, ovals, heart and triangles. He can draw circles and ovals. But still can't do a square. He does know some numbers and letters too:)
 Big Dog was happily singing Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy to Ghetto Bear and some other Care Bears.
 But, when he realized I was taking pictures so he did a frown:( If you think thats gonna stop me from putting your picture on the blog you are wrong mister.
 GH keeps getting stuck here. It doesnt look comfortable to me at all. Its sort of a game to him though. He says "I stuck." And when I pull him out he will rub his hand across his forhead and say "Phew."

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