Tuesday, January 25, 2011

fun in the snow

We made two small snow forts this week. This one is at the far corner of our yard. Big Dog tried to climb the wall and hop over the fence into the neighbors yard. He knows better now:D You have to take the slide to get in. Then you have to climb the walls and slide down the walls to get out. Cutie Pie thinks they look like penguin when they slide out. GH needs help to get out of this one because the walls are a bit high for him.

 No one ever made snow forts with me as a kid. So I'm not that good at them. Hopefully, I"ll get better as the years go:) I made the second one in the other far corner of the yard by the swing set. You can go in and out of it under the slide. Or use the slide to get out. All the kiddos like this one more.
 The kiddos loved being outdoors.
 But there favorite thing was the mini hill I made for them to sled on. They think it's the greatest thing ever. And I'm sure all my neighbors heard them laughing and shouting as they used it.

What a rush!
Tonight when I had to come inside to make dinner GH started crying. He was so upset he drug his sled to the backdoor and was crying for me to help him again:(

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