Monday, January 24, 2011

Educational File Folder Games

We have been doing work with our file folder games. Cutie Pie has needed help to get started. But, then she does a really good job independently. I am so impressed with how well she's been doing. I can't believe she is doing so well with her reading. She must have gotten that from her father.

Anyway, she has enjoyed working with synonyms, number patterns, and contractions. However, she is really struggling with learning to read a clock. So the telling time folders will have to be reviewed a few more times.

 GH has been a punk about school time:D But, I have been able to get a little work out of him.
 Big Dog loves tracing all his personal info, shapes, numbers and letters. He rips through those sheets quickly then he likes to tear into a few folders. And I mean that. He has pieces everywhere before I can even explain the folder to him. He's really good at the matching folders. I have started showing him different sight words and word families. He mostly just stares at me like I've lost my mind. Then he laughs. Yes, that's right your Mommy is insane Big Dog.

When Cutie Pie was having trouble with sight words, I made this cute folder to match sight words. So I thought I would bring it out and show Big Dog. I showed him how to match them up. He did a few on his own. Then he started giggling harder when he put the "it" card on the "little" card. I said, "No, Big Dog. That's not right." He started laughing harder. As I pulled the card off I realized the word little contain an it in it:D I told him  that I understood what he was trying to say. But, that he was still wrong. Poor little guy.

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