Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Break with the Kiddos

I was checking Face book when GH came up to me with the new doctors kit. I couldn't get the picture right away because I didn't have my camera within reach. He had the stethoscope plugs in his ears, was holding the round part against my chest and said "Mommy, say ouch."  He didn't get it quite right. But, it was super cute:)

 I wanted to get a picture of Cutie Pie in her new Husker jersey before it gets stained. GH was trying to slide into the left side of this picture. He can't stand to be left out.

The kiddos have been having a good time with all their new train tracks. Thanks again Shelia and Stephanie. My kiddos are having a great time with them.

The kiddos have been enjoying the nice weather too. The hats and mittens weren't necessary. I actually sent them out without them on. GH came back in demanding his hat and mittens.

Yesterday was busy. I had to find all of the size 5 clothing in storage for Big Dog since he decided to grow overnight:D Shelia has given us so many awesome hand me downs from Charlie that I don't even have to shop. I just have to go through our storage. Hooray! I can't imagine hauling all the kiddos to Lincoln to pick up more clothes. I know, I'm super lazy. But, she saved me a trip:) And that's a good thing because later that night GH gave me a guilt trip. I was working in the laundry room and he said "You work all day." :( That made me feel really bad. Working all day isn't exactly why you stay at home with your kids.

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