Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at the Ranch

You know what makes Captains Awesome's Christmas merry and bright? That's right! Making our children cry is the highlight of every holiday:D

 Don't feel too bad for GH. He's totally spoiled. And he got lots of cuddle time with Grandma.
 GH and Big Dog not only got train tracks from Stephanie this Christmas. Aunt Shell also gave the boys more. My boys are sooo happy, especially GH.

My favorite guys in the whole world:)

 Spider monkey was there. He is almost as tall as I am. I can't believe how fast he's growing. He is also such a good boy. He could have played his video games. But, instead Spider monkey played Candy land with all of his little cousins. Cutie Pie was so happy to be able to play Candy land with Spider monkey, Charlie and Lola:) It really made Christmas extra special for her.
 More cuddle time for GH. He's so abused.
 When it came time to unwrap presents GH could hardly contain himself. He was shaking with excitement. You could see the shaking from across the room:D
 Big Dog loves getting noisy toys:D
 And if you won't get GH's toys out of the boxes for him....he'll just ride the boxes around the house.

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