Monday, December 20, 2010

Chapter Books

Last night we finished the classic:

I really don't know if it's a classic. But, its probably not since I had to tell my friend Stephanie the title twice. She is one of those moms with twenty classic book lists and a children's book blog. So....chances are this isn't a classic.

It may not be a classic. But it is a favorite from my childhood. Which I suppose that  isn't saying much since I only read a handful of books as a child. My mom did read the Boxcar Children with me when I was learning to read but that is about it. Anyway, one of my teachers read this book to the class. And I loved it.

 I think its interesting how people can see a book from different perspectives.  I always felt sympathy for the Herdmans, and a strong dislike for the self-righteous Alice Wendleken. I felt some sympathy for Alice. I just didn't feel a lot. Her character just seemed mean. But,  Cutie Pie saw things completely differently than myself. She did have some sympathy for the Herdmans especially about their father being gone. However, her main concern was for Alice Wendleken and if she was still sad about losing the part as Mary. How can she sympathize with someone who had one bad thing happen to her? While having so so feelings towards the kids with a rough upbringing? Before its all said and done, Cutie Pie is going to teach me about the depths of compassion. I can't wrap my mind around it. It leaves me shaking my head.

Anyway, Cutie Pie told me that she wants more chapter books. Some suggestions I've already received include: The Boxcar Children, Little House on the Prairie, Bobsey Twins, Magic Tree House, Newbery Author Collections (wow thats a lot) Anyway, if you know Cutie Pie (or even if you don't) and you would like to leave suggestions. Please do so in the comment box. Thanks:)


  1. I know The Best Christmas Pagent Ever and I think it's a classic!! Apparently Stephanie just missed out on it. :) There's another one about the same characters called The Best School Year Ever. It's along the same line plot wise. I started the year off with it when I taught and then all the kids had to write nice things about each other at the end.

  2. Im glad you know the book and think its a classic too:) Ill have to check out the other book as well.

  3. It's a classic - I had to ask twice because my kids were screaming in the background. ;)

    Since Cutie Pie likes taking pictures, she might like Cam Jansen. (who takes pictures with her mind "click" to solve mysteries. Most of them are in with the picture books (David Adler) but some are over in junior fiction.